Welcome to Fire Science!

Welcome to Fire Science!

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Waves O' Fire 37" Firebowl

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Symmetrical spirals of steel and space surround the edge of the Waves O' Fire. Like the mirror effect of still water, the shape of these cascading waves are reflected in the empty trough between them. Curlicues curled under, an eternal surf cut in steel.


The Waves O' Fire brings together all of the four elements: Fire when lit, Water in the design, Air to feed the fire and Earth in the steel itself. It's a full-on Feng Shui garden feature in a classical and pleasing design. I particularly love the shadows cast by this design... the play of light and dark extends the metaphor of balance and harmony. Of all my Sculptural Firebowl designs, this one creates some of the most beautiful reflections when sited by a pool or reflecting pond.

The power of fire and the strength of steel fuse in elemental elegance to create sculptural fine Art reborn from the ashes of industry. Since I created the first Great Bowl O' Fire, my art has set the world on fire- I've shipped over 800 firebowls to 49 states and 10 countries. Check the Locations map to see how the blaze has spread, including firebowls you can visit such as SouthEast Porch in Bryant Park, Sandals, Montego Bay, and the Sheraton Waikiki's Rumfire bar.


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