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The Isosceles Modern Firebowl

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With The Isosceles Modern Firebowl, you can now extend your living room area and gather your friends and family outdoors.


  • Each firebowl is a unique work of art, signed by the artist
  • Dynasty Guarantee— your firebowl will last lifetimes
  • Cut from 100% recycled, American made steel
  • Provides safer fires on windy evenings
  • A small hole in the bowl's center provides drainage, and makes it simple to convert the bowls to clean-burning propane or natural gas
  • When used for wood fires, hold more wood than commercial fire pits
  • Holds and radiates heat
  • Raised bowl warms the whole body, allowing more comfortable seating
  • The weight of the bowl makes this an exceptionally stable outdoor firepit
  • Requires zero maintenance
  • 1/4" plate steel will last essentially forever


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