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Welcome to Fire Science!

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Great Flaming Lotus 37" Firebowl

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The Great Flaming Lotus offers a contemplative centerpiece, a modern mandala, a flower of the enlightened mind. Lauded by poets, priests and chieftains, the lotus flower is rich in historic mystical symbolism.


A symbol of the sun, creation and rebirth, beautiful blooms transcend roots held deep in mud. At night, the flower sinks below the water only to rise again at dawn in a cycle that spawned stories of the sun being born from the first lotus blossom. The lotus embodies a promise of positive change, reflecting expansion of the soul and clarification of the mind.

Just as the Ancient Egyptians regarded the lotus bloom as a symbol of resurrection, this simple and modern firebowl has been reborn from recycled steel. Transfigured by torch, steel petals unfold to enclose a flame.


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