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Welcome to Fire Science!

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Fire Pit Kit

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With our weather resistant, long life, gas supplied burner, you'll no longer have the inconvenience of lugging wood around your yard. You'll have an "instant on" ready to use campfire at the drop of a match.


We've designed a safe, clean burning, non-rusting burner you can utilize year round with our original Fire Pit designs. For use with lava rocks, crystal ice or artificial logs. The burner can also be used as an outdoor log lighter for natural wood. You'll never have to fumble with kindling or starter fluid, and starting wet wood is never a problem.

You can extend your outdoor entertainment season by building a Fire Pit with one of our original designs and unique natural gas burner system. They are great for neighborhood parties or family gatherings and are a perfect compliment to a hot tub.

We will construct custom outdoor fire pit burners for your unique application. Our standard firepit kit burner is 6 inches wide by 18 inches long and is suitable for an inner fire pit diameter of 24 to 32 inches with approximately 100,000 BTU value. We can custom manufacture burners of any application.

Your purchase includes many unique designs, construction suggestions and our outdoor weather resistant custom burner. Fire pits create ambiance that let you enjoy your yard year round. The burner is designed for a in-ground natural gas hookup, they burn cleanly and are typically used in conjunction with lava rocks or a refractory log set. These burners are 100,000 BTU's. We are happy to manufacture custom, natural gas burners for outdoor entertainment use.

Custom sizes and shapes are available. If you need help sizing the correct burner for your fire pit our engineers will be happy to assist you. Please call us at (716) 568-2224

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